Award Winners

The International Achievement Awards (IAA) is an annual competition promoting awareness of the specialty fabrics used in thousands of products and applications. The awards provide recognition for excellence in design and innovation, highlighting spectacular work in the specialty fabrics industry.

In 2012, four of Forsstrom’s customers received the International Achievement Awards! Our customers are well-worth these recognitions. We congratulate:

J&J Carter to the Outstanding Achievement Award for its "Malls Shopping Centre – Basingstoke”. The project was recognised in the competition’s Tensioned Awnings and Canopies category. The tensile fabric structure covers some 400 m2, spans 58 m and is supported by two columns and two curved outriggers. A complex internal spot lighting system has been integrated into the underside membrane which required meticulous setting out and patterning.

Rainier Industries received the Outstanding Achievement Award for their Dow Olympic Stadium Wrap. Rainier was selected by the Dow Chemical Company, to produce and install the London 2012 Olympic Stadium Wrap. Dow’s goal was to help the games be safer and sustainable. Designed to envelop the entire outside façade of the stadium, the wrap encircles an area of over 18500 m2 and includes 336+ panels.

Architen Landrell Associates received the Award of Excellence for its structure Soundforms. Soundforms is a mobile acoustic performance shell in the shape of a clam, designed to project classical music toward the audience. The external skin is made from eight white PVC cushions designed to create one structural unit.

Architen Landrell also received the Award of Excellence for their Enniskillen Hospital Ambulance Canopy. The canopy was designed to provide weather protection to ambulance crews, patients and visitors. The structure needed to be aesthetically pleasing and form a piece of art that would complement the new modern complex while remaining tasteful and functional. The structure requires little maintenance, which was a project requirement, and has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Lindstrand Technologies received the Outstanding Achievement Award for its air structure Bahnhof MDC Server Hall - a highly mobile and modular data centre of the future. The completed module consists of four main parts: server module, cooling module, power module and command module. The vision of the project was to have a rapidly deployable structure that could be highly mobile and become part of the client’s futuristic vision.

Entries are judged by industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who are selected for their knowledge in a particular field of study or product area. Projects are judged on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.

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