The patented method called ForFlexx can save time and money when producing a great variety of products such as truck and boat covers, tarpaulins, tents, structures, pool liners, sunshades, billboards, inflatable products, liquid tanks, film screens, waterbeds, valve membranes and oil booms.
Forsstrom’s method "ForFlexx”, makes it possible to join flexible coated PVC- and PU fabrics with metal attachments using high frequency (HF) welding, enables more efficient production for example in the automotive and building industry. ForFlexx is a method that enables efficient joining of coated PVC and PU fabrics with metal attachments using high frequency welding.
Previously, it has been complicated and time consuming to integrate above mentioned products with a supporting structure. One way of doing this has been specially designed pockets, with supporting lists inside that can be connected with a supporting structure. For sure, ForFlexx will make the production of details to supporting structures easier, the method offers numerous advantages and possibilities such as: 
  • Air-, gas- and liquid tight seal between the fabric(s) and metal attachment. 
  • Strong welds 
  • Time and cost saving compared to other methods 
  • Durable products

Forsstrom provides a stronger and more durable solution with high frequency welded PVC and metal details, compared to traditional methods such as pockets. ForFlexx can be used in the automotive and building industry, securing air tight valve membranes in mines and for liquid tight seals in speed boats and oil booms. Only your imagination is the limit. In order to be able to join the flexible coated PVC- and PU fabrics with a metal attachment using HF welding, some preparation of the metal is needed. It has to be coated with a primer and a layer of PVC or PU. Forsstrom has the knowledge of the coating procedure.


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